Hospital care in Santa Rosa County began in 1951, when a group of local businessmen and citizens formed a County Hospital Board and applied for a certificate of organization. These initial events set the stage for what would eventually become Santa Rosa Medical Center. Construction for the original facility began in mid-1951, and on December 2, 1952, the first patients were admitted. The initial hospital, located on Stewart Street in Milton and known as Santa Rosa Hospital, was chartered as a non-profit hospital and was managed by county officials.

Milton and the surrounding communities experienced tremendous growth throughout the '50s and '60s, and Santa Rosa Hospital was expanded in 1963 and again in 1966 to better serve the area's growing needs. By 1970, the population was again straining the capabilities of the now 100-bed facility.

Sensing the continued population growth of Santa Rosa County, the hospital’s Board of Trustees and County Commissioners drafted a proposal to construct a new facility on a new site. Plans for a four-floor facility including over 100,000 square feet of diagnostic and treatment space were developed. A site was chosen and construction soon began at the hospital's present location on Berryhill Road in Milton. The new $4.5 million, 153-bed county-owned facility opened in December 1972 with approximately 300 employees.

In 1985, the county leased the management of Santa Rosa Hospital to a national hospital management organization, and the name was changed to Santa Rosa Medical Center. Since then, several management organizations have operated the facility. Today, Santa Rosa Medical Center is proud to be affiliated with Health Management Associates, Inc., headquartered in Naples, Florida.

Since taking over in 2002, Health Management Associates has undertaken several improvement projects, investing in technology, renovations, and construction. Recent improvements and renovations were made in anticipation of the continued growth of Santa Rosa County, and our goal is to fulfill all of our community's health care needs.

In the near future we plan to add additional emergency room and inpatient capacity, and we’ve already added even more physicians to our staff. We’re working hard to ensure that our patients can benefit from the latest medical advances and receive world-class care from specialists with years of knowledge and experience.

The current 129-bed Santa Rosa Medical Center provides a comprehensive array of health care services on the main campus and also reaches out into the community with innovative services such as the Santa Rosa Medical Group, Santa Rosa Occupational Health, and other off-campus outpatient services.

As a community hospital, Santa Rosa Medical Center continually seeks new ways to engage with patients and strengthen our relationship with the community. We frequently participate in community events; partner with local organizations, schools and businesses; and provide outreach programs, educational classes, and informative seminars on a wide range of health topics and issues.