Admissions & Discharge

Your physician will arrange for your admission to Santa Rosa Medical Center. Many insurance plans require pre-certification for non-emergency visits to the hospital, and it is the responsibility of your physician to obtain certification from your insurance provider. Your physician will also inform you when to arrive at our patient registration department.

If you are undergoing any type of surgical procedure, please make sure to follow the physician's detailed instructions for the day and night prior to the procedure. It is important to closely follow any instructions you receive prior to surgery, as complications can arise if these instructions are not followed properly.

Arriving at the Hospital

Upon arrival to the hospital, you will be directed to an admissions specialist who will help you with the registration process. The following items are needed for the registration process:

  • Health insurance card(s)
  • Personal identification
  • List of current medications and current pharmacy being used
  • List of current physicians and phone numbers
  • Any medical records, x-ray films, or tests (if requested by your doctor)

After completion of the registration process, a member of our staff will escort you to the correct destination. Room assignments are based on your diagnosis and bed availability. We strive to give all patients private rooms when available.

During Your Stay

Our health care team will care for you around the clock during your stay at the hospital.  If you require additional assistance, a call light is available at your bedside. Pressing this button will quickly summon a member of our clinical staff.

All patient rooms are equipped with televisions and telephones. Santa Rosa Medical Center is also equipped with wireless internet, allowing you or your visitors to connect to the Internet with a personal laptop computer.

Release Procedures and Departure

When your physician determines you are well enough to leave the hospital, he or she will write a discharge order. The discharge process generally takes about one hour to complete.

During the discharge process, a nurse will provide you with very important information on how to care for yourself, new medications and what physician follow-up you will need. It is very important that you fully understand these home care instructions and do everything the nurse and physician instruct you to do. A social worker is also available to talk with you about additional home care needs. Please feel free to ask the nurse any and all questions you may have. We strongly recommend that you have a trusted friend or family member present to help you understand the home care instructions, ask questions, and take notes on your behalf.

We ask that you make arrangements to leave your room shortly after the nurse has given you the home care instructions. Before leaving, please check your room, bathroom, closet and night stand to make sure no personal items are left behind and retrieve any stored home medications or personal items stored in the hospital safe.

The standard bill is mailed within ten days from the date of discharge and an itemized bill will be sent upon request.

Post-Discharge Survey: Evaluating Our Service

Some of our patients are contacted a few days after leaving the hospital and given a quick and confidential survey by the firm Press Ganey. If contacted by Press Ganey, please take a little time to provide us with feedback so that we can continue to improve the patient experience.

Listening to your concerns, questions, ideas, and feedback allows us to better serve you, so please share your thoughts with us. If you have any questions, concerns, or would like to provide any comments, please Contact Us or call (850) 626-5102.